This information is for MSU health professions students who may have incurred an exposure. Need Medical Help and Information? Call the 24-hour Hotline 1-877-STUCK50 or 1-877-788-2550

If You've Been Exposed

Immediately wash off or flush out exposure site for 15 minutes.

These procedures should be followed in the event of an exposure.

First Aid

• Needlesticks and broken skin should be washed with soap and water.

• Splashes to the nose, mouth, or skin should be flushed with water.

• Eyes should be irrigated with clean water, saline, or sterile irrigants.


Report the exposure to your clinical supervisor immediately after completing first aid.

Report as soon as possible, preferably within 1 hour.

Post-Exposure Evaluation

Follow the direction of your clinical supervisor regarding follow-up care at your current location. If your clinical supervisor is not available, call the 24-hour hotline number which is 1-877-STUCK50 or 1-877-788-2550.

If you have questions regarding your post-exposure care-

HIV, Hepatitis B, Monkey B and Rabies are pathogens that require evaluation within 2 hours.

HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C Exposure treatment guidelines from the National HIV/AIDS Consultation Center (both phone consult and written guidelines) available at:

Rabies treatment guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention available at:

For Monkey B exposures, go to the nearest designated care facility which would be either:

1. On campus-Primary Care at MSU Student Health Center (formerly known as Olin Health Center), or

2. In the Lansing area-E.W. Sparrow Hospital, Emergency Department.

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