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Immunization/Vaccine Report Form Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. Failure to complete the required form will affect students' ability to register. Click here to complete the Student Immunization Self-Report form online.
No. All decisions about medical care, including whether to get these vaccinations, are still up to you and your family. We are giving you the information because we want you to know what national health officials recommend so that you can make an informed choice.

Ask your parents, physician, or high school for a copy of your immunization record.

If you are from Michigan, you may also be able to get a copy from the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR). You can ask for a copy of your MCIR record at your local health department, call a regional MCIR office, or send a request to MCIR for a copy. The MCIR request form is available online here. Phone numbers for regional MCIR offices are available here.

If you have questions, please call the Office of the University Physician at (517)353-9101 or visit

Please be aware that you must have an MSU NetID to complete the form and you must have paid your Advanced Enrollment Deposit.Your personal healthcare provider may also be able to answer your immunization-related questions.

Vaccines are available at the MSU Student Health Services for a fee, most county health departments, pharmacies or personal physician. Some of the vaccines offered at the county health department may be given at reduced cost or no cost. Health insurance may pay for some of the immunizations.

Check with your health insurance carrier to see if immunization costs are covered. If you would like to set up an appointment to have vaccines at the MSU Student Health Services, please call (517) 353-4660.
All healthcare information is kept confidential, as required by law.

You are required to report your current immunization status. This will allow healthcare personnel to contact you quickly should you be at risk for an exposure to a vaccine preventable disease. Also, it is important that you bring a copy of your immunization record with you to MSU and to be informed about your immunization history.
The Immunization Self-Report Form will be treated as a confidential record, like your academic records. The only University staff who will have access to your Immunization Self-Report Form are those who need to handle or see it in the context of providing service to you, or in the context of a public health concern on campus.

For instance, if we learned of a case of chickenpox in a residence hall, students at risk for chickenpox would be alerted by a healthcare provider about appropriate next steps.
No, the Immunization Self-Report Form is not considered an official immunization record and may not be recognized by other medical and educational institutions as adequate proof of immunization status.
No, only undergraduate students must report their immunization status. We annually inform graduate and other students about immunizations and other health-related issues. The CDC Immunization Guidelines provide vaccination recommendations for children and adults. Checking your immunization status and updating it are sound precautions against contagious disease.
New international undergraduate students have the same requirement to complete the Immunization Self-Report Form. You are also required to complete the Tuberculosis (TB) e-learning module. International graduate students are also required to complete the TB e-learning module. Failure to meet these requirements will affect your ability to register and enroll. Visit our TB e-learning module page for more information.
Yes. You can be vaccinated at the MSU Student Health Services Allergy and Immunization Clinic. You should update your Immunization Self-Report Form as you get more vaccines.

No. If you have no health concerns, then a check-up with your healthcare provider is probably not necessary.

If you have a significant health condition, then seeing your family doctor before coming to college would be advisable. Arriving on campus with an adequate supply of any prescription medications and a treatment plan may prevent possible problems.

Go to

Log onto the site with your MSU NetID and password.

Click the "Complete your Immunization Self-Report Form" button.

Fill out the form. You may need to contact your primary care physician, previous schools, or parents to find the required information.

Click the button at the bottom labeled "Submit".

To verify the data was updated correctly, review the answers that appear after you click the "Submit" button. If you would like to edit any of your answers, click the "Edit" link.

After completing the form, you should receive a confirmation email in your MSU email account stating your form was updated.

If you have a hold on your student account the hold will be lifted within 24 hours of completing the form.